Hair extensions

Every woman has her beauty secrets and only one salon in Toronto knows them. We have travelled the world in search of the most luxurious hair extensions on the planet. Golden blond locks from Russian and rich chocolate tones form Brazil can now be yours. The hair you have always dreamt of having is now a reality.

What makes our hair different is the quality, and only the finest ponytails are considered for our line of hair extensions. We use virgin European, Eurasian and Brazilian hair that has been harvested in the best conditions. Quite simply, these are the most desirable hair extensions on earth. Don’t be fooled by other companies selling remy processed hairs from India and China. It isn’t virgin hair, and won’t stay soft and tangle free like our virgin cuticle hair.

Fake Beauty hair is young and healthy and therefore the cuticle is slim, making it a perfect match for you. All of our methods are made with our own line of exotic hair extensions, and guaranteed to keep you looking beautiful for years to come.